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Here we are again. I don't think I have much to say about this blog post, though. On Svanur's 75th birthday, we took a family road trip. Several vehicles packed with various extended family plus one clueless American farmhand cruised up and around the southern part of the Westfjords. This little trip happened on my third day in Iceland. I still didn't know what was going on. I still was getting comfortable with my new environment. I still am very confused where exactly we went and why we went where we did. I took photos, of course. It's easy to hide behind a big black brick.


The first destination this one place. We all walked around and mingled here a while. I was surrounded by Icelandic chatter in a garage-like, museum-y place (for lack of a better term). I'm sure Mike and Frank of the American Pickers would go nuts. Still clueless and too shy to ask questions, I walked around and looked at stuff. Here's some of that stuff:


Also, Little Svanur sat on a tractor. There was a dog. These cars were outside. Can you feel my uncertainty?


Hey, I got to take the big family photo, though!

Bonus: look how precious Svanur and Svanur are.



I really wish I could explain and elaborate on the things I saw and the places we went. I'll try to learn more about them someday. For now, please enjoy driving shots and roadside views. There's a seaweed processing plant, a sea salt factory, a boat, a pool I would LOVE to swim in, a famous car at Hótel Bjarkalundur, and a lot of beautiful landscapes.


Hopefully I don't seem too flippant about everything. I really did love getting to see a bit of the Westfjords and driving around with great people. I hadn't quite figured out how to navigate foreign situations as a solo traveler yet. Being plopped into an Icelandic family gathering is hard to prepare for. I wouldn't have wanted to experience it in any other way, though. This definitely wasn't the rent-a-car-and-drive-Ring-Road experience, and I love that.

Next time, I'll explain what I'm doing here.


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